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Robert Accettura

Mac OS X 10.5 automatically adjusts it's network settings making this not really necessary for most people:

Self-Tuning TCP

Let Leopard adjust TCP buffer size automatically. Get optimum application performance, especially in high-bandwidth/high-latency environments.

You can also see this page for windows users:

Kin Lane

Excellent guy! Thanks so much for this. 90% of the time the performance levels are acceptable.

However I have lost a couple of clients who stated in initial prototyping that the performance was not adequate for their needs.

I am eager to test out more. Thanks for noticing and your work on this.


Well, Window Scaling occasionally does hurt performance when one of the routers/termination devices/proxies/ssl applicances does not understand the options.


Finally, even if scaling were used and receiver buffer isnt sized appropriately (Windows has 17KB by default which is per RTT throughput) then it might not get all the benefits.

Dont get me wrong, RFC 1323 is great but just wanted to share my past experiences of having issues with them

Indus Khaitan

This is excellent. Also, in one of our implementation scenario on text data objects, we saw increased S3 performance by adding an in memory lazy local cache.

BTW, Jeff, any insight into SimpleDB beta? When are the invites going out?


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