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Jeffrey McManus

This is going to be really useful for -- since we started the site, users have asked us for ways to upload and store larger files. This may just give us a way to do that economically.

Tom Gleeson

Pity it's only for US developers. Are there any plans to extend DevPay to European Union based devs.?


A. Logan Murray

I'm still not clear on what the difference is from Amazon FPS. Is it specifically the ability to meter AWS usage? If so, why not simply build this into FPS?

From the FPS page:

"Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS) is the first payments service designed from the ground up specifically for developers."

So what the heck is the need for DevPay?


Nice work you guys. Your efforts are really game changing in my mind.
I will have some detailed posts on my blog about this.

Simon Wardley

Very smart. A wonderful time saving and development cost reducing feature. Suppose I want to move to another service provider for my infrastructure - will you be open sourcing the tool or do I have to build a new payment system myself?

Rajesh Akkineni

It is really a Great Service. But we need a little more.
Insted of billing every month, we need options like billing after it reaches certain amount etc. Or after 6 months or 1 year. Why because $0.30 extra for every bill does not sound good when total bill amount will be just <2$ etc.

It would be nice to have DevPay support for more AWS services like SQS,SimpleDB etc. Then only a product can utilize AWS fully for Desktop Applications.

Rajesh Akkineni

We do feel like, there is total lack of interest towards developers outside US,EU.


"no EU" rule again? sorry, we have no interest then. g'bye till you start to pickup main lesson - America is not center of universe. granted coming US recession, you'd rather learn quicker.


I'm curious about the side of things too - is it likely to cross the ocean?

Arthur Prichard

Thank you!
After thirty years of software development, you are finally taking out the parts (billing, tracking) that I do not like :-)


Rajesh, what do you mean America is not the center of the universe? What universe do you live in? ;^0


This will work great for a new application I'm getting done.. will send you an email once its ready :D


I think Companies like Amazone should also Consider Third word Contries

Pieter Pepler

I'm working from Africa, currently hosting in the USA:

Starting a new project soon... Any time frame for servicing Africa?


I have an account with them.

Thanks for telling us about this payment system.

jeff paul

well i am also looking to get an account with them but before that i wanna know the payment procedure , if any one can help would be really thank full.

Teen Blogger

I think this wil be very useful. I would also want a account witt them, but is it only for US or also international?


No EU... showstopper


it's only for US developers. there are any plans to extend DevPay to European Union based devs.

Appreciated your hard word!

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