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Mikael Gueck

You'd expect to have /->index.html support before more exotic and less used features.

As for upload, the current HTTP protocol doesn't really directly support third parties. The same, or better value could be achieved by having an Ajax Amazon S3 upload widget (a la Gmail file attachments) that web developers could easily add to their forms just by including a JavaScript file.


While you're working on HTTP methody stuff, have you thought at all about allowing Range headers with PUT requests (i.e. to overwrite a portion of a file already stored in S3)?


I'm a developer, that is currently uploading user generated content to my Amazon account using my server as the intermediary, this burns my bandwidth twice, coming in from the user and out of my server to S3, the direct POST solution would be perfect for me, as it would eliminate me having to deal with bandwidth usage, and scalability on my server.

I would love to have the ability to use a JavaScript library of some sort that I could just drop inside my app, and would have the smarts to display progress, etc. when uploading to my Amazon account.


+1 to Mitch.

The redirect is probably the best thing. I've been trying to figure out how to basically generate an event when an S3 resource is modified/posted to. While a messaging interface (to SQS perhaps?) would be ideal, the redirect option we would get with post would suffice for many use-cases.

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