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Amazon Web Services Blog: "HelloWorld" Facebook Application AMI "We could extend this AMI and build an Auto-Scaling module around the app so that we can simply "Auto-Scale Facebook Applications" out of the box and never worry about servers when... [Read More]


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Paul Morriss

I think this is a great idea. Now all I have to do is work out how to make money out of it, so that I can cover the cost of the EC2 instance. Auto-scaling would be good too, as that is what makes EC2 different, from what I've seen, and what is a real problem with successful Facebook apps.

frederic sidler

what do you mean by auto-scaling module ? and where does it stand ?


Hi guys, thanks for the response.

frederic, Amazon EC2 has a web service interface - that means you can effectively provision a medium state server by a remote procedure call. By Auto-scaling, I meant, we can look at "sensors" (load on the webserver, CPU utilization etc) and make an educated guess of how many more servers we need to cope-up with the demand. Ofcourse database will not scale this way. We can build this module that will automatically scale-out your facebook app from App-server level.

Paul, I agree monetizing your app is important. Amazon FPS usecases (one-time, multi-use, recurring/subscription, prepaid, postpaid, marketplace) might be a place to get few ideas.



Wow - this definitely got me off the fence (I had been putting off playing with the Facebook API because I was unsure what to do about hosting). The new Flexible Payments Service also looks like it might be a good fit for the Facebook ecosystem. Has anyone heard what (if anything) Amazon is doing to improve database support?


I know that is has been awhile since your post, but I just discovered it. Autoscaling as you mentioned would be much appreciated!

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