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Amazon announced today that it is implementing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for its S3 utility storage service. [Read More]

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Effective October 1, 2007, The Amazon S3 Service Level Agreement is in effect. [Read More]

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One of the fears which cloud computing - or any hosted application - brings out in museum and other IT professionals is that your up-time becomes reliant on services over which you have no control. Ive always argued that although this is a real ... [Read More]

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Fred Oliveira

These are pretty exciting news, Jeff. I've heard it from several people that they could not risk a move to S3 because of the lack of a Service Level Agreement. No excuse now - this is a great move.

Wrote about it here, too:

Felipe Albertao

This is a great start! When are you guys going to provide some kind of guarantee on EC2 as well? Also, it would be great if you make EC2 instances persistent. You do not need to provide a SLA for data stored on EC2, but at least some assurance that the data will not be lost due to shutdown or hardware failures.

Paul Stamatiou

"you can apply for a service credit" - How does one go about this process? Hopefully it is not on some page hidden 10 links deep.

Oliver Thylmann

great news, thanks. Another thing that recently came to me was that it would be very nice if there was an option to quasi acquire a permanent IP as an entry point into S3, meaning that I can have a load balancer on there and if it fails give the ip to another one, which is probably a faster solution than some faulty dyndns or low TTLs in your dns server.

Or is there another suggestion?

Domain Url

I've heard it from several people that they could not risk a move to S3 because of the lack of a Service Level Agreement.

Darryl Collins

Great move. But is it really the case that customers who have experienced outages are responsible for initiating the service credit claim? Within 10 days? With all the pertinent details? Surely you already have all the relevant information and can spot and process the credit automatically without customer input? Seems like off-loading responsibility to customers to me, but maybe I am too cynical! :-)

Mica Cooper


You have an SLA. Now for the next step!

AWS needs to have a Security document in place describing the physical and logical security procedures for AWS. How are old hard drives cycled? Are they destroyed? Are they sold without being securely wiped? Who has access to the hardware? Is it possible for customers to get access to other customers data? Has it ever happened? Is AWS Hippa compliant?

PLEASE do this. I had a Fortune 50 client ready to use AWS but could not because there was no security document.

Reuven Cohen, CEO, Enomaly Inc

This is awesome, we've been getting a lot of request for an SLA in context to our S3 backed Disaster Recovery solution ElasticDrive. We're one step closer to ditching the idea of traditional storage in favor of a complete cloud based solutions.

Nice work!

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