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This is great news.

You may want to check the pricing in this post, the EC2 pages indicates '$0.10 - Small Instance (Default)' rather than $0.40.



Sorry my bad the pricing is quoted correctly, I didn't read the post correctly doh!


Neil Wilson

Very, very impressive.

Now if you could just provide this physically in the European Union somewhere so that we Old Worlders can comply with our Data Protection Legislation (and to a lesser extent latency and Google location) then I can see no reason not to use EC2.

Pretty Please.


Two feature requests:

1. Static IPs. This means we can handle stuff directly from EC2 instances rather than using smart clients or other tricks. Perhaps something like $5 per month each?

2. Maybe an even smaller instance for low end stuff like DNS servers, backup machines, test machines and the like. You can go a long way on 500MB of RAM.

Heimo Laukkanen

Definitely would like to see a datacenter also here in EU, as Al already above requested. It would allow then our organization too to use Amazon's resources without major legal hassles of securing rights to transfer data outside EU.

Mikael Gueck

Yes, pretty please, could we have this in EU?

Danny de Wit

You guys ROCK!!!!

Thanks for pushing the limits, so we entrepreneurs can ride this wave of opportunity!


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