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Can you record these and make them on-demand webcasts? I'm missing so much when I'm not able to attend these! Thanks!


I hope this is better than the presentation that AWS gave at a recent NY Tech Meetup. That presentation about ec2 felt like a bad math lecture. I barely followed it and I use ec2. I don't know how anyone who was unfamiliar with ec2 could have possibly followed the presentation or been persuaded by it to use the service. Rather than a boring lecture about how ec2 works that only sysadmins could find scintillating, a case study and perhaps a presentation by someone who actually used ec2 would have been much more accessible to and enjoyable for the audience.

Good luck at the upcoming event. Hope it's better than the last I attended.

Colin Percival

This sounds great, but some of us aren't in any of those hot spots -- any chance of having something like this on Second Life? :-)

Jim Alateras

It would be nice if you can record the sessions and upload them up to something like utube.


How about a Chicago event?

Guaranteed sell out...come on, don't be afraid of layovers!


I agree - you ought to make available off of the site. Also, an Atlanta show would be good.

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