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Having teased his Twitter followers for more than 24 hours, Amazon's Jeff Barr just released a blog post describing their new web service, the Flexible Payment Service. “We've taken all that we know about dealing with credit cards, bank... [Read More]

» Amazon Announces Flexible Payment Service or FPS from Phil801 - Geek Blog
With what may have been the biggest buildup to a blog post Ive ever seen (all done via Twitter), Jeff Barr publicly announced Amazons FPS product - effectively ending my NDA about it from over a year ago.  FPS is a micro-payment system... [Read More]

» Amazon Flexible PaymentService from Beyond Work, the online retail leader has launched a new payments service called Amazon Flexible Payment Service. Amazon FPS gives the developers the power of web services and the Trust to build payment solution for any type of online servic... [Read More]

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Amazon is now in the payments business . Well, technically, they have been for a while, but now they [Read More]

» The Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS) from All Things Distributed
Today Amazon AWS launched a limited public beta of Amazon FPS, the Amazon Flexible Payment Service. Amazon FPS is a payment service that is 100% focused on the needs of developers. Traditionally, developers have been limited in how they ca... [Read More]

» Buxfer is First Banking App to Tap Amazon Flexible Payments System from NetBanker
Today, Buxfer added funds transfer capabilities to its online personal finance app (see announcement here, previous coverage here). The service is free through the end of August, but could eventually carry 1% to 2% fees to cover transaction costs.... [Read More]

» Amazon Flexible Payment Beta available from Raphinou\'s Blog
Features look interesting, and try to make micropayments possible (I remember having read somewhere that Amazon was seen as the only company that would be able to make micropayments viable due to the amount of credit card transfers they do monthly): fo... [Read More]

» Amazon Payments Launched from ChannelAdvisor Blog
Amazon has pulled the curtains on its Flexible Payment Service (FPS) and launched it in limited beta. And its a beauty. FPS is not so much a consumer payment solution with heavy marketing but more a payment platform that can be used by developer... [Read More]

» Blogs as Stores: A Comprehensive Overview of Ecommerce Solutions for Bloggers from TypePad Hacks
When I started TypePad Hacks, one of the things I most wanted was a simple way to integrate e-commerce into TypePad blogs… at the time, probably 30% of my income came from blogging. This year, that number is more like [Read More]

» Amazon Launches PayPal Competitor from Emerging Earth
Investors were antsy when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos started to diversify from online retail to Web services. Now they can relax as the moneymaking synergy between the two business models becomes crystal clear: a payment gateway to compete with PayPal. The... [Read More]

» Amazon greift nach ebay und google from Handelskraft
Amazon-Kunden knnen ab sofort auch bei fremden Shops mit ihrem Nutzernamen und ihrem Passwort einkaufen: Amazon Flexible Payments Services (Amazon FPS) heit ein neuer Web-Service, den Online-Hndler ganz einfach in ihre eigenen Applika... [Read More]

» Amazon FPS: another US-only payments service from MasterMaq's Blog
Amazon launched another web service on Friday, called the Amazon Flexible Payments Service (FPS). The... [Read More]


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Richard Wallis

This is awesome - now all I have to do is get past the 500 server error to sign up for the beta ;-)

Fresh Sunir

Jeff, thanks for inviting us into the program. Just so you know, we've put a detailed account of our experience so far at


Hey Jeff, thanks for the mention! We're really excited to be one of the first groups to board the Amazon FPS bandwagon. We see this being a really big deal for our users, and we're hoping to wrap up our integration work shortly. It's coming along famously.

We blogged on our experiences so far here:

Gives you a bit of an idea on what it's like to be first-in. Always a harrowing experience when you're breaking new ground with no real-world examples to follow! We included a couple bits of technical help in our post, so you can get some idea of how integration works without digging through all the documentation.

I can't wait to see FPS in action; the very thought of a payment service without any fees beyond the individual transaction is just phenomenal. I don't know if it'll be a micropayment revolution, but it certainly increases the chances of such a thing.

At any rate, it'll certainly be an online payment revolution. Should be fun to be a part of!

Susan Reynolds

Thanks for giving us the teasers for this on Jeff. You continue to put a warm human face on what could be simply a (big dry) financial story to those not immediately affected by it.

The humor of following the thread as the twittersphere was classic.

Susan Reynolds

Thanks for giving us the teasers for this on Jeff. You continue to put a warm human face on what could be simply a (big dry) financial story to those not immediately affected by it.

The humor of following the thread as the twittersphere was classic.


Is there any mechanism to store a customer's credit info securely with Amazon so that they do not need to reenter CCs?

Ahmad Alhashemi


But I couldn't find anything about your policy regarding international non-US developers.

I'm about to add payment capabilities to one of my company's websites and I'm fighting myself one which service to use, Google Checkout, PayPal, or now Amazon!

I love AWS and everything they've done but the pricing is pretty much the same on all of them and Amazon lacks true international payment support (big deal now-a-days).

My questions are:

1. When will AWS FPS support international payments completely?

2. Why, specifically, should I choose Amazon over the others (other then the pre-existing user base)?


"2. Why, specifically, should I choose Amazon over the others (other then the pre-existing user base)?"

Well,FPS is offering more features like recurring payments,prepaid etc,which might suit your business(in future,if not now)
Also,the fees for micro-transactions seem to be low.

Damien Jorgensen

This really does look intresting, im sure our clients will love it as an alternative!


You guys are awesome. This is a great addition to your already succesful S3 and Alexa.
I have a post with some additional ideas. I would love to see AWS as the true ecosystem where services can easily be launched.

Take a look and let me know what you think.



It would really help if
a) the rates were competitive (they're not)
b) there was a significant SLA commitment (there is not)

Until the overall offering is improved this feels like Amazon is marking up it's own merchant rate by 200% and pawning it off to 3rd partiess when there are much more established and economically beneficial processing services out there.

Lame duck until the rates are sub 2%.


most excellent pink floyd references. keep steppin' out jeff :)

Rob Perry

Have you considered Voice Biometrics to confirm account holder identity and verify online payments? You can now even use your voice to 'speak on the dotted line'

The technology has come a long way in the past few years and the benefits are obvious.

Fast, easy and intuitive - no user training is required;
Highly secure to reduce fraudulent transactions;
Verifies the physical presence of the individual accessing the web site enabling cardholder present rates to be negotiated;
Identity protection - taking the customers concerns seriously;
Defeats phishing and deters fraudsters;
Permanent audit trial of caller verifications to reduce repudiation;
Eliminates the costs associated with lost or forgotten passwords;
Reduces instances of user lock out associated with failure to remember passwords;
Improved customer experience - no more PINS, passwords or memorable information to remember.
We are now presenting to UK companies where the interest has been exceptional.


The idea is definitely great though seems very complicated at first sight.
The system is going to afford unlimited opportunities as much for small businesses as for big wholesale providers!

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