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Andy Waite

I'm a UK developer and have created which provides a personalised feed of price drops and availability for Amazon Marketplace items. It's built using Ruby on Rails and uses the ECS API. The site is is live but I've not had much time to promote it yet, so the number of users is only in the tens.

David Andersen

I would use the Amazon Mechanical Turk if it was available to Europeans. I just cannot understand why we aren't allowed to just pay for our usage with a credit card. The response I got from the customer service was:

Greetings from Mechanical Turk.

I'm sorry, but it is not possible to fund a Requester account with a
credit card.

At this time a Requester account can only be funded by a US bank
account that supports ACH transfers. ACH is the US based automated
clearing house mechanism to handle interbank transfers of funds.

We hope to offer more options for people without a US bank account
in the future.

Thank you for participating in Mechanical Turk.

Best regards,

XXX Mechanical Turk Program


I wonder what are you doing to make EU services working? And what are current obstacles?

Luca Marrocco

I'm italian agile developer. I have started experimenting using aws to deploy enterprise application for my company in Switzerland and our customer in UK

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