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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! First it was the Mechanical Turk and the Elastic Computing Cloud. People didnt pay much attention. Then Mr.Bezos introduced the S3 (Simple Storage Service... [Read More]


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Really appreciate what you guys are doing for the developer community. Please take a look at my post below for my assessment of things to come.

There are some additional web services, which I would love to see come in frution.



Hey Mike - I'm pretty excited about FPS I do hope that the VB.Net Library will be helpful to other VB.Net programmers. I'm hoping to put out an updated library that makes some of the calls involved a little more straight forward, it takes quit a bit of studying and tinkering to fully understand the throughput for FPS. If anyone has suggestions for the library, please let me know!


Hi Phil,

Feel free to add your code in our community code section (in resource center) More info here: By doing that, others will be able to find your cool codesample more easily.


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