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Sergey Schetinin

This is seriously cool! However there's not much info about publishing such an AMI, what are the prerequisites and restrictions?

Cameron Taggart

Do you know how licensing works here with regards to licenses like GPL? If I create an image with our software that uses GPL software, must our software be GPL too? If we use the image only internally, we don't need to release our software under the GPL. Right now, it seams like a gray area to me.


Hi Sergey,

Currently, we are signing customers on individual basis during the limited beta period. There are certain things like US Bank Account Registration (so that we can credit money back) that customers have to go through before they can create Paid AMI.

From the forum Announcement:
Users interested in selling their Amazon EC2 AMIs through this program should send an e-mail to Please include your name, AWS account ID, company name, and a detailed description of your AMI. We hope to open this capability up to the broader EC2 community once the beta program is complete.


Daniel Feygin


Seems that PayPal support for outbound payments would be a welcome addition for a lot of people.

Louis Choquel

I see examples of charging an additional cost on computing time.

But is it also possible to charge an additional cost on bandwidth usage?

Locusto Aukcije

We are evaluating several services at the moment, EC2 being one of them. With all the "cloud" buzzword lately, it looks like everyone is jumping in the bandwagon, but Amazon was one of the early ones to join the game. Hopefully that kept you on top of things.

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