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Balaji Sowmyanarayanan

SQS is neat components of AWS yet not popular enough to match its potential. In terms of fetching returns for Amazon, in the long run, SQS will be the most profitable!

Given that SQS is 'expensive', the first set of applications that will benefit the power of SQS will be in bridging online payment islands. For example, SQS can be used to to bridge payment transactions between SecondLife and Paypal. A real world product can be featured in the virtual secondlife, once the virtual product is 'bought', a message is sent to a secure queue(SQS). A client program( possibly assisted by a human) consumes the message in the queue and effects the actual real world purchase.

A bizarre application of SQS will be a SMS messaging based command line interface to a web application. Or perhaps a full EC2 instance. Thus a tiny-weeny inexpensive phone in the middle of nowhere, will have a amplified computing back-end. If SQS were 'inexpensive', SQS+SMS based back-end coupling could be put to use in making online games playable through SMS. Once proved successful in the gaming, it will set the stage for prime time business applications.

PS: My fav is Mturk though. Yet another less popular yet more potential component.

-Balaji S.


unfortunately SQS is quite expensive...

Bryan Wilhite

One Queue Service that should really get your point across is a plugin for popular Blog engines (like WordPress) that allows posts to be submitted to the queue and then "batch" loaded later.

Without such a tool, losers have to send their Blog user name and password in clear text from tools like Qumanana or Word 2007 directly to some XML-RPC stuff. The solution would be more secure since this batch process takes place on the server and kicked off from INSIDE the admin console of the Blog tool. Get to it!

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