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it could be easily done with OmniFind, I guess


Unlrelated in a way, but since I'm not a developer/programmer I wanted to post this as a wish for one more type of search engine (or know about it if it already exists).

Let's say I go to a new city and get lost somewhere. It would be cool if I could take a picture of a neighbouring building through my mobile sms it to some service, and then receive an sms back telling me my location.


Two general purpose search solutions, with slightly different target spaces, are Nutch for mainly web-based docs, and Solr which is much more generic. Both are associated with the Lucene project.

Building either into an AMI shouldn't be too hard.


SearchBlox has a linux server build that can be run on an existing AMI. It has a great ajax based interface and the search engine is completely controlled through a web based interface. It also has an api for inserting data. You can customize the search results or just use the xml output from the search engine.


, but i think you'd need to rewrite the index persistence in Lucene/Omnifind/SearchBlox to support Amazon S3. non-trivial for the open source implementations of search services, near impossible for anything else.

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