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Tim McGhee

It would be nice if Amazon would make the wish list and associte programs much easier to find. It would be really nice if Amazon would stop giving me junk I don't want.

Amazon is full of interference like, "Customers who bought this item also bought" and "Product Information from the Amapedia Community." I don't live in a silo! I know Mr. Bezos thinks Bayesian algorithms are genius encoded, but they're just useless clutter that get in my way of making purchases.

At the same time, have you seen what a pain it is to find your wish lists?

If I have 150 items in 7 wish lists, why does Amazon think it's brilliant to send me an item or two "that other people bought" when I finally decide to wade through the mess and make a purchase?

Amazon has nice prices and I like the $25 order, free shipping offer. That makes me a customer.

Amazon is really holding me back when it comes to being my own store. I would find Amazon far more useful if it would build its user experience around two kinds of lists: things for me to buy (or people to buy for me), and things for me to sell.

I would like Amazon to give me an easy way to put items into a variety of categories (somewhat there now with wish lists) so that I could make those lists EASILY available to OTHER people as either items I'd recommend (associate program) or want (wish lists). As it is now, it's impossible to find a SIMPLE URL for my wish lists (as demonstrated in the URL above). There are no RSS feeds. Thus, my wish lists are useful for me to make purchases and no one else.

As for the associate program, instead of having a link on every product page telling me "what others bought" (which is so annoying) how about a link on every product page making it possible for me to refer people to your product through my associate ID? That could be a link for an external referral, or a way to add it to a list on a page of "Products Recommended by Tim." That would actually give meaning to "Tim's"

Make it so I can easily show these people where those pages are.

And then give people the option of buying the product for me (a la Wish List) or buying it for themselves and tying that to the associate program.

Is this making any sense? Are you seeing the need? the market demand that's waiting?

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