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Doug Kaye

This is sick and twisted. I love it.


This looks like what everyone has been looking for! Got to give it a try...


veryy veryy nice informations...thank you veryy much. mr suma

Alex Iskold

This is interesting! Does this include joins? Does a single table get scattered around or is there a way to cluster it on machines?



Question -

There has been alot of talk about how to solve the "persistant data" problem around an EC2 instance and MySQL data, this seems like it would be a good solution no? I think supporting this project and offering an EC2 image w/ this storage engine built in would be a great idea.

(Sorry, was going to post @ the Dev forums but was not sure where it would go)


Thanks to Mark for doing this work. Is there any benchmark data available? Is there any indication that this storage engine will support basic RDBMS features like indexes, foreign key constraints, etc.? It seems like the latency you are introducing by storing all the data elsewhere would make this difficult to use for any real production application. A partial SQL interface to S3 buckets is certainly novel, but this doesn't seem to solve any of the problems people have voiced about a fast, persistent database available from EC2.


Any chance that this will be backported to MySQL 5.0?

Computer Guru

It doesn't sound like a good idea.
Well it sounds like a good idea, but it'll never work. Latency (even with caching) will be the death of it.

Anyway, there's an easier method - just store an SQLite db on the remote server via a mounted SSH or WebDAV tunnel and connect to it normally via a symlink.


hi computer guru,

Very interesting. Somebody from the developer community is also experimenting with SQLLite DB:

I am waiting for his first release too. Its getting more exciting now.


Mark Atwood

I'm the developer of this project.

It will be presented at the MySQL Expo in Santa Clara on April 25th. I'm also available at the monthly Seattle MySQL meetups to answer questions. I also welcome constructive questions and suggestions via email and on my LJ blog.


I'm not sure there's a reason to go to S3 for the actual database. Where you need scalability is with the storage of stuff that you wouldn't put in the database anyway, just pointers to them. Does anybody actually store photos and stuff in the database? No, they store it in the file system. The database just points to it.

Dubai Web Design, Development

Excellent Interface. This is something new for a developer like me and especially for bingers.

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