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That's awesome!

Nuff Said -


It sounds like a nice program, but what does it have to do with Firefox? Why integrate the two? It sounds like it should be standalone...


When can I get my EC2 account, I just cannot wait any further to get it. Please have mercy.



I gave the access credentials through Manage EC2 Credentials. I tried using account-id/username/emailid along with Access key and secret key. After giving the credentials, i am trying to get the available AMI instances using Launch instances. This does not happen. When I tried refreshing, i am getting this error "AuthFailure: AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials". Could any one please help me in solving this?

Thanks in advance,


hi Rajesh,

I think AWS is not able to authenticate your credentials. Your AWS Secret Access Key might have a trailing or leading space. When developers try to cut and paste the AWS credentials from the AWS portal, they get this space. Remove that space and then Hit Refresh.


Balaji Sowmyanarayanan

Hey This is cool!
Thanks EC2UI, No java(JRE) setup needed!
EC2UI Works like a breeze! Very thoughtful with 'Copy Instance Id to Clipboard' and 'Copy DNS name to clipboard' Hat tip to the developer!

Now, is there a market for bespok AMI?

-Balaji S.


Account Name = nickname
AWS Access Key = Your Access Key ID
AWS Secret Access Key = Your Secret Access Key (The one you need to click show for).

I was using the email addy for my account name which didn't work. You should have given Amazon a nickname at some point for your account. This is what you use and not the email address.

Cristian Sepulveda

I'm using FF3 and OS X 10.5.3
I use my account username and the keys... but I canot authenticate, anyone else have the same problem?

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