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Marshall Kirkpatrick

Very cool. Good story!

Casey Maloney Rosales Muller

If anyone else is doing this in a ruby on rails app, make sure to check out config.action_controller.asset_host. I used it to do the same thing, except you don't have to go around changing all your links, and you can then turn off using S3 with a one-line change:

Steve Odom

I have written a rails plugin that does something similar except it expands upon the concept by using S3 as a cache store. So not only can I use S3 to serve my public directory using the techniques above, I cache fragments of my site (the database-driven pieces) at S3 using my S3Cache plugin. Whenever a record changes, all the cached fragments effected by that record change are updated at S3. So effectively I can serve up most of my site at S3, yet still be a database driven site.

I've been using it locally and can't tell much of a difference in performance (except if S3 is acting spotty like it was a couple of weeks ago). I plan to use it for my new site that will launch soon.

If anyone is interested in testing my S3Cache plugin, and preferably has some bits of their site already using fragment caching, then I can email them the plugin to test out. After some others test it, I'll release it into the wild.


Akamai for the rest of us. Nice.!

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