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"Are there any other cool Ruby on Rails applications powered by AWS ?"

Ummmm, let's see? UNSPUN, perhaps?

Fred Oliveira

We've been working with EC2 since the first day of beta, and our project management application - Goplan - runs on the system. We're quite happy about it, I've been meaning to write a post about our experience for a while now.

More info on goplan is here:

Dominic Da Silva

rSh3ll is now hosted at RubyForge:


Matt Rubens

"Are there any other cool Ruby on Rails applications powered by AWS ?"

I can't resist putting in a quick plug for Jamglue ( We're an online music mixing community using S3 for media storage and streaming and EC2 for backend processing. Working with S3 and EC2 has been an absolute pleasure so far (and easy on the wallet).

Thanks, Amazon!

John Doe

Regarding the Logo


Glenn Rempe

Just wanted to add to the list of Ruby tools for Amazon Web Services the new Amazon-EC2 Ruby Gem that I packaged up this week. It allows for easy installation and use of the Amazon sample library for accessing EC2 through the new Query API.

The code is released under the Ruby license and is being managed as an open source project on RubyForge. Check out the simple install and usage instructions at:

The first enhancements released for the library include the fix for a bug found in the original sample code as well as a full set of RubyDocs.

A simple 'gem install amazon-ec2' is all you need to get started using EC2 from your Ruby or Rails application.




Wow this is cool. Gems are really getting popular.. somebody just created a gem version of the popular s3sync. Read the blog

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