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Andy Davies

The box looks like a rebadged Buffalo Linkstation HS...

Terrence Cole


You are really close. The hardware is actually a rebranded KuroBox. The KuroBox is Buffalo's foray into the hardware OEM market. The original KuroBox model was based heavily on (if not just copied from) the Linkstation HS. The zBox uses the KuroBoxHG, designed off of the Linkstation HG, which has more memory and a faster clock than the original

However, don't let the pre-molded plastic box fool you: the software and hard-disks are what makes the Zettabits Service. We are running a much more sophisticated system than the LinkStation, if the system the kurobox comes with is any indication.

Naturally, the Pro Service features our own custom hardware as well as software. One of the reasons we are able to release the Zettabits "Green" service so cheaply is that we can leverage the Kuro platform (as well as S3, of course).

-Terrence Cole
CTO, Zettabyte Storage

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