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Jonathan Boutelle


The stuff we're storing on S3 are actually Flash files (swf), rather than images. This is pretty cool, because it means we can use vector graphics to make presentations that can be diplayed on a big screen without losing quality!

It was a big help for us to be able to go live without having to figure out how to serve those files in a scalable fashion. S3 handled that technical challenge for us. We took a techcrunching without any problems at all.

Using S3 also means that our costs increase linearly with usage: we didn't have to pre-invest in expensive hardware. For a cash-strapped startup like us, this is a really big deal.

All in all, great stuff. I can't wait to see what else Amazon has planned!

Jonathan Boutelle (CTO: Slideshare)

VK Narayanan

This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

My Dhaba


Web 3.0 pls !
= giving me an add in so I can allow people to download my slideshare after paying for it.
Or how do you propose that to be done with the tools now available?

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