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Eric Cranston

Ya they requested several different things...but they all got clumped into the clown folder. They are suppose to be "scary pumpkins"..and there's dolphins and ships and other weirdness.

Balaji Sowmyanarayanan

How about an SQS mediated VNC relay that will 'Play' second life via browser?
Good way be productive at work connectig to Mac at home.
Then it will become fashionable to 'Host' non linux platforms connected to the Amazon Grid as associate offering.

Jay Campbell

After a couple hundred clowns we started asking for logos, dolphins, spaceships and halloween drawings.

turk + ec2 + debian + X + tuxpaint + vncserver + java-vnc-client

The KOffice and OpenOffice suites work well too.

Jay Campbell

I should mention that we were awfully close to grab this site's sidebar photo and issue a thousand "Make Jeff Barr A Clown" HITs.

David Andersen

If you could only make the Mechanical Turk available to Europeans as well... At the moment only US citizens can be requesters. I am so looking forward you exploring the possibilities.

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