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"Nowadays, Anything and everything that has a high "coolness-factor" gets immediate attention from the crowd."

Um, nowadays compared to when? This is the very definition of "coolness", that it gets attention. And what does this have to do with the rest of your post?

"And the one who gets there fast will be rich ;-)"
Wrong. The history of ideas is littered with the dead bodies of the "first-to-market." There are really only a very few companies--like Amazon--that were both "first" and "most succesfull."

By the way, what's your point with this post? That, um, some standards are complex?


WOW! I had to approve this comment. I love the criticism here. Thanks farah. The post was just meant to be my introduction post on AWS blog and highlight the importance of code samples / starter kits / resource centers.



Having just spent the day getting Ruby to talk to EC2, which was a major nightmare, I can't help but wonder why EC2 uses SOAP+WS-Security. Just give us simple REST interfaces. Keep it simple. There's no bonus for complexity. It just makes everyone's life harder, and life's too short for that stuff!

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