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Alex Choo

How did you determine if a product is eligible for Amazon Prime? Does ECS already support such a feature?


John K


I looked for Condition = New, Availability = Available, and then I filter out products where the Merchant ID is not Amazon's.

I don't think the API offers any direct way to determine Amazon Prime status - I looked on the ecs forums and found a posting that said the API doesn't have it.

The site doesn't offer it either... at least not in any obvious way.


This is an absolutely vital tool for Amazon search. I have written to Amazon Customer Service a dozen times complaining that I cannot find very common items "sold by and shipped from" Amazon--it's all these shoddy little merchants who don't maintain inventory, use the postal service, get the addresses wrong, and take weeks to ship. Just two days ago I tried to find all six ink cartridges for a new HP C7180 printer (itself just bought from Amazon) and after ONE HOUR of searching was unable to find them sold by Amazon itself. Today, using this wonderful tool, I was able to find and order my six ink cartridges in just a couple of minutes. (Amazon now proposes to take over warehousing and fulfillment for the third-party merchants--that is the only hope for Amazon. Its own quality of online inventory, prompt and accurate shipment, and use of private couriers sets a standard that the little fry just cannot match.)

Scott Johnson

Kokogiak's work never ceases to prove its usefulness. :)


I had the same problem and came up with my own solution,, without knowing about Krystynak's work. I guess a good problem deserves many solutions. Anyway, does pretty much the same thing as Krystynak's site, but with a different different interface. It also seems to give more comprehensive results for some searches. Anyway, nice work John!


Thanks for this wonderful search tool! I just sent an email to Amazon about my issues of not finding the item that is eligible for Prime. I did a search and lo and behold I wasn't the only who felt the same way. :) Thanks for such a useful tool! :)


This must be very difficult to accomplish, as this is the only search engine I've been able to find for Prime items. Unfortunately the link is dead

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