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James  Governor

you're doing great work. we should talk more often


This pretty much sums up the difference between the US and UK. We want the facts raw and dirty. Kind of, 'if it does what I want I'll buy it. There's no reason to make it into a blockbuster or a work of art to sell it to me, I'll end up ignoring it thinking style is making up for a lack of substance'

I'm gutted I missed out on your presentations though!

Neil Ford


Thanks for taking time out on Saturday to give your presentation. Left afterwards with a whole host of ideas for using S3 for stuff. Definitely worth the trip up.

As for the title, man, does that take me back! You're not the only one getting old :)

- Neil.

Roo Reynolds

It was great to meet you in Hursley Jeff, and only a shame that we had so little time. Looking forward to meeting up again some time.

bob walker

I certainly found the talk you gave to interesting. I can see how people might think it comes across as a sales pitch. Although as you said it works better in a small group because the audience can ask questions and lead the discussion in interesting directions whereas i suspect at d.construct you just had to rattle through the presentation

James  Governor

i would love to claim ownership of the term-but actually it was my "mystery author"

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