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Product Idea: Linux Live CD With Integral S3 Access [Read More]


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Eran Sandler

I think your idea is REALLY great.

I know that you pay for bandwidth in S3, but does that also includes query requests?

I know querying for information is relatively low cause you pay by on a per gigabyte transfer rate (am I right here), but I want to know if doing a dir/list/query on the data is getting into the bandwidth calculation.

If its not, having such a system would be great, cause someone could right a "S3 filesystem" which works directly off S3 and if S3 would also have the ability to send previews without putting it into the bandwidth cost that would be even better.

Then, only copying files into or out of the account would cost the money.


Recent Ubuntu live CD's allow you to use a USB key or similar to store your environment and settings

You could format a USB key to store settings in one partition and whatever s3 software you liked in another.

Also - I was in that lively audience, sorry for suggesting a artist name made from two stop words for the demo. Thanks for the presentation.

Steven Goodwin

There's a couple of pictures of the event at

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