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John Furrier

Great service!

Francis Shanahan

Hi Jeff, good post. Clear and concise.

In fact I have to say, using the ECS could not be simpler. As someone who's used eBay's and Yahoo's offerings as well as Google, Technorati, YouTube and others I think overall Amazon does the best job of making services easy to sign up for, track and use.

I would just add though that the reason I don't use S3 is quite simply: I don't want to pay.

I thought about using S3 for my latest creation:
It makes perfect sense to upload the Mp3 files someplace programmatically. Right now they get FTP'd to my server and the process is error-prone. Whilst I'd love to automate this even more with S3 since I'm already paying for hosting so it just doesn't make sense for me.

My $0.02



Nice posting, however, it doesn't address a key usability issue we are having.

We have developed an application that stores information to S3. In order to use the application, a user must enter they key/secret key into our application.

We are finding that customers have no trouble signing up for an S3 account, but they are completely lost when they go to find their key/secret key.

Is there any way we could get an API into this process? Something like this:

GetAWSKey(in AmazonUsername, in AmazonPwd, out AwsKey, out AwsSecretKey)


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