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Chris Pirillo

Oh, snap!

Janine Romero

Hey...I tried the service. I honestly didn't think it was going to work, but it did. It was awesome. I was shopping in Barnes & Noble for my school text books, called the Fru-Shop phone number and received the results of how much the book was on Amazon. As always, it was cheaper! Too bad I couldn't buy it.


Marc Mezzacca

Sounds good, I'll have to give it a go. Does it compare the prices to Amazon prices only, or other stores as well?

Keith Cash

The retail marketing people, must be hating this.

I like it a lot, one of the best shopping tools I have seen in a while.

Guys love this stuff

Ted Robinson

I tried it using my Vonage phone and it didn't work. Then again, nothing ever works with Vonage. Anybody else out there have the same problems?

On a side note, Frucall seems to be like a very awesome tool. I hope they are testing it with other voip providers.


Nasser Manesh


As a member of the Frucall team, I'm very glad to see this thread of conversation. Obviousely Amazon is a key focus for us, and at the same time we are in the processing of expanding and overing other online sources.

Quality is a key driver for us, and I will personally contact Todd to see if we can figure out the "Vonage" issue. In fact we have tried it with another VoIP provider, Packet8, and it worked flawlessly.

Thank you for using Frucall!

Nasser Manesh, CTO

Mario Gonzales

When do you plan on integrating payment through Frucall?

A. Michaels

How does a person contact a human with a problem? Everytime I try to check out a product that has many pages, I get cut off after about 4 pages because my time is up???
How do I get past that?

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