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» S3 + Rails from townx
Well, I spent most of today obsessively coding a simple Rails front-end to S3 called s33r (pronounced "seer"). It's very incomplete, but mostly intended as a proof of concept. It allows you to perform the following operations: Create and delete "bucket [Read More]


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Eric Giguere

I realize you're trying to generate some excitement for S3, but it seems to me the market for such extensions would be small given that S3 is a paid service and there are free alternatives that can be used for storing Firefox (or other similar) data.

One idea would be to provide a free (with reasonable limits, of course) "personal" or "individual" license for S3. That might induce developers to build the extensions you describe.

Jeremy Dunck

Can you link to those free alternatives?

I'm planning on doing a GM API using S3 as a backing store-- sure, it's a paid service, but you can store a lot of data for a nickle per month-- I'd use it for sure.

(The use of S3 wouldn't be exposed in the API-- other backing stores would be nice to have, hence the request for links.)

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