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Robert Oschler

"On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog."

Rufus's cover has been blown, news at 11!

"When he's a bit older we will introduce him to SOAP..."

If you wait that long to introduce him to SOAP you are going to have one STINKY dog!

David Schappell

Finally someone to get the documentation cleaned up!


What a cutey! He won't be that small for long though!

Francis Shanahan

Is this somehow related to the job-openings post?


The cutest puppy)

bob gardner

Very cute pup but why not go for a kitten? they are just as good, less noisy and they can learn alot of things all at the same time.

Glenn Fleishman

Funny -- one of the original Amazon dogs was also named Rufus. He was the corgie that you saw on error pages in Amazon's very early days.


So cute ! Wish to see more pictures of him soon on woopets !


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