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» Minipreneurs and other trends from Fire Someone Today
The Amazon Web Services Blog put me onto, which uses the term minipreneur to describe consumers who are becoming entrepreneurs by leveraging other businesses. Minipreneurs let other companies handle many of the high-bar obstacles to s... [Read More]


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Andrew McTeer

Wow great post/link Jeff!

Thats probably the best compilation of the ways to generate revenue online I have ever seen!

Brian Naughton

Hi Jeff,
you might be interested in my site, I haven't heard the term minipreneur before but it pretty much covers it. The idea is that the site will suggest gifts to you from amazon based on ratings that it accumulates in its database. It also remembers individuals' ratings and tries to match people up if their ratings are similar.

Richard Waldvogel

Hi Jeff,

Neat article and like the term "minipreneur" I think what we've done with your ECS technologies fits the description, but we have more of philantrhopic twist, so i wonder if there is a term like "minipreneurapist" :).

We provide nonprofit organizations access to the Associates program through our application that generates money from their constituents online purchases at Amazon. We have developed some other tools to go along with the store interface and will be adding more this year, but our clients really like being able to feature products specific to their cause on their home page.


we were featured on the aws blog about a year ago, but this concept of the "minipreur" is certainly an interesting topic and hits home with us.

hope all is well and keep up the good work!


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