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Gil Shalit

I've tried to post this to the discusion board at least three times, but after pressing the post button, IE returns an 'Invalid page' error. And the email link returns an - 'Email unknown' messgae... So I hope you don't mind if I post this here. It does have some relevance to the educational gap...

I'm trying to use the Alexa webservice, and have adapted one of Elena's samples, as I can not find any specific code samples for AWIS. I'm using VB.Net 2005 beta. Here is what I have (questions after code):

Dim awis As New

Dim cat_listing As New

Dim cat_listings(1) As

Dim cat_search As New

Dim cat_response As

cat_listing.Path = "Top\Arts\Animation"

cat_listing.Recursive = "True"

cat_listing.ResponseGroup = "Listings"

cat_listing.SortBy = "Popularity"

cat_listing.Start = "1"

cat_listing.Count = "25"

cat_listing.Descriptions = "true"

cat_listings = New {cat_listing}

cat_search.SubscriptionId = "12WN3MD89J9JM5HJY982"

cat_search.Request = cat_listings

cat_response = awis.CategoryListings(cat_search)

1) How do I get the results out of the response object?

2) I sthis thecorrect approach?

3) Are there any up to date VB.Net samples or XSL sheets? The XSL posted in the blog seem out of date...



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