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» Amazon Sales Rank Tool from TechBlog
When I was researching for the article on the iPod doomsayers I was heavily using's sales ranking. I needed to find the sales rankings of all iPods, all iRiver and all Samsung MP3 players. But to do this I had to search for each item and t... [Read More]

» One More WP-Amazon Fix from
Nick Walton wrote in with a patch to fix WP-Amazon due to a change Amazon made to their web service. Because Amazon changed their XML format for search results, the images in the WP-Amazon search results page were no longer appearing. The new versio... [Read More]


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un papier

I wrote an amazon sales rank tool to quickly lookup sales ranks. I have problem displaying images. The results are also not sorted by the sort-order (sort=salesrank) I asked for in my request. The order seems undefined. There is some inconsistency in the naming of parameters, for instance the value for SearchGroup is "SalesRank" where for Sort it is all lowercase "salesrank".

Rich Manalang

It appears that this change also affected the REST based web service... am I right? Users of my WordPress plugin (WP-Amazon - have written in to tell my that my plugin no longer works. After a bit of research, I noticed that the XML format is different. Why wasn't this ECS release tagged with a different version so that applications that rely on this service don't have to worry about their apps breaking?


un papier

Now the images work correctly. Is there a fix for the Sort bug? the XML has sorted Items, despite my URL stating Sort=salesrank. Is the consistency in the valuee between ResponseGroup (SalesRank) and Sort (salestank) causing this?

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