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Alex Choo

Hi everyone,

I'm a co-founder of TicTap, and would like to mention a few things.

1) There is a small typo in the SMS number. it should read 763-807-3927 instead.

2) TicTap goes beyond mobile search! Using TicTapWeb (, which is our web search interface, you can also look for products online. Included in TicTapWeb is a host of nifty features like labels, related searches, spelling suggestions, and a lot more.

Our blog, describes all these features and everything that we're working on.

Drop me an email (alexchoowk at if you have any feedback or feature requests.. Damon and I know we're not amazon, so we'll try harder ;)


Heh, I recently wrote a small Perl script for myself to do the Amazon lookup. Only if I knew this services exited!

Jon Beverley

What a great idea! You'll be wanting to think about adding conversational language search, like Scan Mobile did, which launched this service back in late '99 but was acquired in early '03.

Alex Choo

Jon Beverley,

Can you please explain what you mean by conversational language search? I tried to google for Scan Mobile but nothing came up.

Would 'add' this in if it's something that can benefit everyone.

We've just added 2 more features to TicTapWeb.

1)For movie DVDs and VHS taps, you can find links to movie reviews found at Google.

2)You can lookup book at your local library!

Our blog has the details.


I thought this was cool but I need prices for too!



Is there a way to have my wishlist sent to my phone?

I'm often in bookstores but can't remember what books I wanted to buy!

Alex Choo


Being able to access your wishlist thru the phone is an excellent idea. Damon and I will certainly look into working on that.

At the moment, we're putting a lot of effort on TicTapWeb. Do you know you can send price info from your desktop to your phone using it? :)

Alex Choo

We just added a products that are 'highly' wished by consumers.

check out

Alex Choo

We have just released a Konfabulator widget for TicTap!

With this tool, you can find the top selling, most-gifted and most-wished products from

The download link is:

Alex Choo

The TicTap has been updated!

You can also find the newest releases, and even SMS product info straight to your cell phone!

Alex Choo

The TicTap widget has been updated!

You can also find the newest releases, and even SMS product info straight to your cell phone!

Alex Choo

The TicTap widget has been accepted into the widget gallery at Konfabulator.

You can always download the latest version at or

Alex Choo

You can now get product recommendations using TicTap!

Just text r followed by the ISBN or UPC code.

for example, try r 0439784549 for books similar to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Alex Choo

There's been a lot of talk about the long tail of Nobody actually mentions anything about what these products are.

Now, TicTap can search the long tail of's database!

Alex Choo

Clustered product search is now available.


Alex Choo

TicTap now works for any mobile device that supports XHTML mobile profiles.

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