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Theodore Sung

I was wondering about how to get wish list info such as Priority, Comment and Desired. Will this be coming soon or is it already available? I looked through the documentation but did not find it.

Alexander Fedorov

How do I display "Everyting Else" items? And how to query for "top level" node numbers like Apparel, Baby, DVD etc? According to documentation it is hard coded so I have to keep the values somewhere in my code, but this is not very convinien in many cases. Best document that I found on this topic is this one:
I am using values from there but what if I want my script to support not only US nodes? Is there a way to receive list of top nodes and node numbers from AWS?

Craig Matthews


I was really hoping that we'd be able to get some more features in CustomerContentLookup section.

I need to get all my reviews -- that is, all reviews written by user "Craig", sorted by modify_date or title name. NOT all reviews by a particular product. but a particular user.

This is possible already but is currently limited to only 100 reviews.

Please help!

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