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Joe Grossberg

Ah yes ... but where are the used prices? Why pay $30 for a new book when I can get it used for $10?

Granted, this isn't of much use to other people (only my list, and only books), but this is what I use:


I don't like the site. There are others that make much better use of ECS.

Pete Freitag

Joe, when I first built the site I had things like the used prices in there, but the results it produced were not very good, many people list things for a $0.01, it made the site less useful. So that's why I only use amazon new price.

John, what exactly don't you like about the site?

Daves Balthazar

Great site.
I'm searching for information about do a best seller on amazon.



I like that minDiscount; that's pretty cool.

Alexander Fedorov

Who is the owner of this site? Is is belongs to I think I saw this website when I was looking for a name for my website but my name was banned very quickly by Amazon so I am wondering how this website can operate.


A similar site is:

which has been sorting Amazon items by price and discount for almost 2 years now.

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