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» Remixing and Speculation on The Future of RSS from Read/Write Web

Here's a prediction from me of the future of RSS: in the not too distant future, more people will subscribe to topic/tag/remix feeds than feeds of actual people. Is that a scary thought?

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» Rules for remixing - Rael Dornfest from Roland Tanglao's Weblog
Right on Rael! Remix or die!From Amazon Web Services Blog: Amazon DevCon - Rael Dornfest.: QUOTERules for remixing: If it ain't broke it soon will be Need to focus on why it is broken, how is not enough Look to... [Read More]

» RSS Info Remix - Beyond Rip/Mix/Burn from

When your forte, albeity self-proclaimed, is Information Remixing you tend to be in a position to make predictions about the future. Richard MacManus of Read/Write Web is an Inf [Read More]

» Web 2.0 Weekly Wrap-up, 16-22 January 2005 from Read/Write Web

Some of the Web 2.o trends and talk I tracked this week... Accompanied by some dodgy Austin Powers subheaders...

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» Creating Pissed-off Authors from Backup Brain
About six weeks ago, I wrote a post called Fix Bugs First, about how Amazon was holding an invitation-only Developer's Conference to talk about cool new stuff, while ignoring the same old bugs they'd had for years. Kathy Sierra's been... [Read More]


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Jim Flanagan

"Any night can be Thursday night."

Corr: Any night can be _last_ Thursday night.

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