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Jesse Andrews

any chance you guys are going to podcast these?

David Grant

These notes make me feel drunk.


We are going to try to post videos; I will see if we can get MP3s suitable for podcasting. Good idea!


Joel's an effective presenter, dress in a snappy dark blue suit. In fact, he's sitting in the row in front of me, checking this webpage, talking to the guy who scribbled these notes.

I'd read a lot of Seligman's work, and some of what Joel said reminded me of what Norman has had to say on emotional design and touched on what Alan Cooper had to say about the "inmates running the asylum".

We're all in the AV room of PacMed -- what used to be a hospital. (There's still an operational clinic of some sorts downstairs.)

The windows are shielded, drab biege sheets covering a randomly pretty/warm Seattle day outside.

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