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Hmm, I thought GvR had said Ruby was an "accident attempt" rather than "excellent attempt", but I could easily be wrong as I'm quite used to parsing spoken English very liberally :)

Laura at AWS

I put your version of events up too (see I may very well have misheard (I was in a corner and couldn't hear as well as I would have liked). Perhaps those who attended will help us settle the debate. :)


An "accident attempt" doesn't make any sense. An "accidental attempt" would be correct english, so it would seem that "excellent attempt" makes a lot more grammatical sense.

Guido van Rossum

I definitely said "excellent attempt".

Philippe Fremy

Well, if you can't force an IOException in a class, you should create a mock class that will generate the IOException at the right time. And if your design does not accomodate a mock class, then you should modify your design (for the best, it will make it more modular).

Python is definitely a language where _everything_ can be tested.

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