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Thank you the Associate-O-Matic is exactly what i have been looking for !


I very happy with Associate-O-Matic scipts, it very hotand esay for my life. so many thanks Associate-O-Matic team.

visit my site at



I have been playing around with AOM quite awhile, and I found it a very good script that can help you build your Amazon store very easily, but it's still lack of some required functionalities.

If you are currently an AOM fan. Please give this a try...

Control Panel: = (user: demo password: demodemo)
Store Front: =

Thank you very much.


I just made with AOM, Thanks for AOM


I have been using AOM for years, and it's easy, fun, and there's a lot that can be done to make your site distinct. In fact, integrating AOM with Wordpress is easier than expected.


Cheap Netbooks

AOM is great...
I just made my first Amazon store with AOM
Please take a look ;)


AOM is a great script, highly recommended! Check it out at and

Account Deleted

Thank you the Associate-O-Matic is exactly what i have been looking for !

Follow Me To My Store adn

Account Deleted

Currently I'm using AOM as well I have a favorite performance earn several dollars a day.
AOM Website example is my


I was considering using Associate-O-Matic. I have little knowledge of html. Just enough to get me by. Can anyone tell me if the free version can be used with Amazon API program or should I use the paid version.


Associate-O-Matic has been revamped to do away with tables and is now nearly pure CSS. Which mean it's possible to upload premade templates to change the look of a site in a matter of seconds. Themes are available at .


Hey. I'm a new to internet and is considering using Associate-O-Matic.
I've not knowledge of html. Can anyone tell me, how to go about doing it with Amazon API program. Anyone up there can help me. Is there any video at
Please advise. Thank-you in advance.

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